Paleo Granola

Paleo Granola This crunchy and satisfying paleo granola is made with a combination of nuts, seeds, spices, and dried fruit.

It is a great paleo breakfast solution and is naturally sweetened with coconut and honey.

Enjoy this grain-free granola drizzled with almond milk or stirred into yogurt for a quick and nutritious breakfast. Or you can pour some into a Ziploc bag to eat on the run. Continue reading


Clean Eating vs Paleo Diet: What’s the Difference?

2The paleo diet (also called the caveman diet) has received a massive amount of attention over the past few years. There are tons of blogs and cookbooks dedicated to this way of eating.

Clean eating and the paleo diet have a lot in common but have a few key differences. Sometimes it can get confusing to explain the difference.

Check out my explanation of both ways of eating below.  Continue reading