Why I Stopped Telling People I Eat Clean

5I’ve been eating differently from the mainstream for about 7 years now. I’ve gone through several iterations of “diets.”

Mainly my way of eating changed as different doctors gave me different advice, as I read more books on nutrition, and as I just figured out what worked for me.

I voyaged through gluten- free, then gluten-free and dairy-free, then SCD, then the anti-candida diet and then paleo. Finally I arrived at my current, more moderate way of eating, which I refer to as clean eating.  Continue reading


7 Great Uses for a Freezer Bag Slow Cooker Meal

Freezer Bag Slow Cooker Meals Complete GuideI’m pretty excited that it’s Monday…(“It’s Monday, it’s Monday, it’s Monday.” That’s a little ditty, by the way.)

So why am I excited for the most dreaded day of the week? Because I have an announcement to make. It’s been a looong time coming and it’s here! (“It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!)

I’m super excited to announce: MY VERY FIRST E-BOOK.  Is it okay to use both caps and bold? Too much? Oh well… I’m EXCITED about this. (In case you couldn’t tell. In case you missed it.) Continue reading

8 New Ways to Use Vinaigrette

8 Ways to Use vinaigrette (Other than green salad!)

One of the first recipes I posted here at The Organized Pantry was my Ultimate Vinaigrette. In my earnestness to burst forth into the blogosphere, I fear that my shabby photos and newbie post didn’t quite do this awesome recipe justice.  Continue reading

What is Clean Eating?

5After I’m done enthusing about my brand spankin’ new clean eating food blog (the one you’re reading, ladies and gents) to anyone who will listen, I am usually greeted with a short pause and a sheepish look.

“That’s lovely dear,” one relative responded.

“But what exactly is, this, er, um, clean eating diet that you are obsessively blogging about?”

So, let’s talk about it, shall we? Continue reading