12 Hostess Gifts for the Pantry

5Growing up into an adult (of sorts) means that it’s no longer acceptable to show up empty-handed at a dinner party.

Etiquette and good manners dictate that we show up with a little je-ne-sais-quoi for the gracious host.

And I’m totally on board with that. Until about 30 minutes before the soireé, when I realize I’ve forgotten to pick anything up (yet again.) Continue reading


Organized Your Entire Herb & Spice Collection


Do you find yourself with an unruly mess of spice containers? Little bags of herbs everywhere?

Check out this awesome tutorial on how to wrestle your entire herb and spice collection- no matter how big or small- into an organized thing of beauty.

Spoiler alert: We will be discussing my great love of mason jars. Continue reading

How to Organize your Fridge

2Learn the 5 big reasons why having a clean fridge is so important and then check out how super easy it is to do with step-by-step guide.

And….I’ve created a list of 8 helpful tips to figure out where everything should go in your fridge….

….from butter to last night’s leftovers.

Check it all out below. Continue reading

What are Your Essential Ingredients?


Let me tell you a story about a fridge I once saw. You’ll find it below.

This particular fridge made me think about just which ingredients I absolutely need to have and which ones I can live without.

What about you?

Which ingredients are absolute must-haves for you?

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