Grain-Free Vanilla Crepes

Grain-Free Vanilla Crepes

You may recognize this grain-free vanilla crepe recipe from an archived post. But I’m posting the identical crepe recipe again, with revised instructions and rambling musings about these delicious crepes… because they’re that good.

Lately, I’ve become less interested in trying out new recipes and more interested in curating a collection of classic, time-tested, no-fail, can-make-it-in-my-sleep recipes. This is assuredly one of those recipes. For friends who have asked me to pass on my best gluten-free recipes- take note! This is a golden classic.

I make these crepes at least once a week. My favourite time to make them is on lazy Sunday mornings, but I have also been known to make them on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and Saturday evenings. There *may* have been a day when I made them twice. These crepes are 100% comfort food for me.

Besides the fact that this gluten-free crepe recipe is easy, nutritious and delicious, I love making it because I can do it on autopilot. I think I’ve literally made this identical recipe at least 99 times. I no longer think about the measurements or the process… which is really important when you’re cooking before coffee. Or when you have pressing matters on your mind, like sewing projects and work deadlines.

Actually, it is probably the ritual of making these crepes that I enjoy just as much as the honey-sweet, nutty flavour. I always use my favourite medium-sized, non-stick frying pan and my large red spatula. (I literally refuse to use any other pan or spatula. You don’t mess with a perfect process.)

I have the ritual down pat… I start by gathering the 5 crepe ingredients and surveying the frozen berry inventory. You can fill these crepes with almost anything (yogurt, applesauce, fresh fruit, or lemon custard like in the picture), but absolute perfection for me is a hot crepe, fresh from the pan, with hot raspberry sauce inside.

Once I have my crepe ingredients on the counter, I start to gently heat the raspberries in a small pot. I fire up the crepe pan on medium heat and quickly whisk the crepe ingredients. I add a small pat of butter to the pan, spreading it to evenly coat the bottom, and then pour in a scant 1/4 cup of crepe batter. Then I swish the batter around to evenly coat the bottom of the pan. I wait a minute or so, until I can easily slide my spatula underneath it to flip it. Another minute or so and it’s ready to serve. (Or eat myself. Let’s be real.)

Once I get going, it becomes a familiar dance of stirring the berries, whisking and pouring the batter, twirling the pan, and flipping the crepes. I get in the zone. And I *might* get a little bit cranky if you interrupt my state of flow kitchen dance.

I would love to tell you that these crepes are going to work perfectly for you on your first try. But crepes, like pancakes, can be a tricky business. And, if you’ve worked with almond flour before, you know it’s not as forgiving as glutenous flour. In my experience, making these crepes comes down to a combination of the right pan and flipping tool, optimal heat and patience. Honestly, when I make this recipe in someone else’s kitchen, I struggle to get the crepes just right as I adjust to a different stove, frying pan, and non-red spatula.

My recommendation is to stick it out and figure out what combination of pan and cooking time gives you the perfect crepe. It is all about perfecting your kitchen dance. Once you get it down, there is no going back. Crepes forever.

Grain-Free Vanilla Crepes

Grain-Free Vanilla Crepes

Grain-Free Vanilla Crepes

  • Servings: 6 crepes
  • Difficulty: medium
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-1/2 cup finely ground whole almonds (almond meal)
-5 large eggs
-2 tbsp honey
-1 tbsp vanilla
-1/4 tsp salt

-butter or coconut oil, for greasing the skillet

In a large bowl, mix almond meal with a fork to ensure there are no clumps. Add remaining ingredients and whisk vigorously until all ingredients are combined.

Heat a medium, non-stick skillet over medium heat. It is ready when a sprinkling of water sizzles and rolls into tiny balls.

Add 1 tsp of butter or coconut oil to skillet and swirl until the pan is lightly coated.

Pour a scant 1/4 cup of batter into the centre of the pan, swirling the pan until the batter lightly coats the the entire pan but doesn’t climb up the sides. If it doesn’t totally cover the bottom of the pan, add a little more batter.

Cook until small bubbles form on top of the crepe, about one minute.

Using a flexible spatula, slide under the sides of the crepe to loosen. If it is hard to loosen the crepe, allow it to keep cooking until it loosens easily. Slide the spatula under the centre of the crepe and flip the crepe over in one fluid motion. The top should be golden.

Continue cooking for another minute or so, or until both sides are golden.

Transfer the crepe to plate and repeat the process with remaining batter. Make sure to whisk your batter between every crepe. (This is really important, because the almond flour wants to settle to the bottom.)


These crepes freeze very well. Cool them first and then stack them with a piece of parchment paper between each one. Store in a large resealable freezer bag.


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