5 affordable instant download art prints for your kitchen

Kitchen Art (1)

Hanging art instantly adds personality to a space. My preference is a few large, statement pieces, which leads to me agonizing over finding that “perfect piece.”

Recently, I’ve discovered the easy joy of downloadable art prints. I use Etsy to find a piece that I love, I pay to download the file, and then I send it to a local print shop to get it printed for a few bucks. The trick is to make sure your Etsy selection is labelled as a a printable or an instant download before you buy it. (You aren’t paying to have a physical print delivered.)

I like this way of adding art to my walls because its inexpensive, I can print it in almost any size, and I am paying (and can interact with) the artist directly.

I found some kitchen art prints on Etsy that are on point for my preferred kitchen vibe. They are all typography-based (because that’s my jam), but there’s a huge variety of styles available on Etsy. My picks below range from $5 to $7 CAD.


Inexpensive downloadable kitchen art from Etsy

This sweet and simple print from Limitation Free adds a fun touch to a kitchen. You could print it small and hang it between your counter and upper cupboards, or print it poster-size and hang it above your table. About $7 CAD.


Hangry Definition Print

This awesome print from PxlNEST on Etsy tells the truth. About $7 CAD.


Dancing Print

How darling is this whimsical art print from from WishfulPrinting on Etsy? And yes, my kitchen does frequently host dance parties. (Often of the music-blaring, solo dancing variety.) About $5 CAD.


Kitchen Print

I bought this verb-erific print from WallThreads on Etsy, just in case I forget what I’m doing in the kitchen and need reminded. About $7 CAD.


Tasty Print

This one is my personal favourite, mainly because I’ve always been fascinated with the word “umami.” Really, who throws around a word like that to describe their soup?  This tasty print is also from WallThreads. (I bought it and I LOVE it.) About $7 CAD.

What do you think? Would you add any of these prints to your kitchen walls? Have any other kitchen art recommendations?

PS. None of these are affiliate links. I just like these prints and wanted to share my finds. If you also like a print, you can buy and download it instantly from the Etsy artist. Also- some shops have sales, so watch out for promo codes if you’re planning on ordering a bunch. 


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