6 Signs You Need to Start Meal Planning

6 Signs You Need to Start Meal PlanningWhat’s the big deal about meal planning?

And, why oh why, Lauren, are you constantly about it?

Well, before you knock meal planning too hard, check out my list below of 6 signs that meal planning might be just the thing for you!

See if you recognize any of the scenarios.

And don’t worry- I’ll be nice. 

  1. You regularly find yourself staring like a zombie in your fridge around 5:30 p.m. as you contemplate what-oh-what you could possibly make for dinner.
  2. You get irrationally snappy when an unsuspecting family member casually asks what’s for dinner tonight. (Because, deep inside, you’re sort of panicking about having to figure it out.)
  3. You completely run out of groceries between shopping trips.
  4. Or the opposite: You have a fridge full of good intentions that never quite transpire- “That pineapple smelt sooo fresh…but I guess I never got around to using it.”
  5. You have begun to sort of hate cooking in general- it feels like a chore and not a pleasure.
  6. You eat the same 3 meals over and over again.

The solution these conundrums? Meal planning! And it’s really not scary- I PROMISE! Yes, it may take a few rounds to feel really confidant and fly through it, but you WILL get there. Check out how to meal plan on a budget here.

I’ve heard all the excuses to avoid meal planning.

“When It comes to cooking, I just like to wing it.”

“Meal planning takes too much time.”

“Oh, I just keep a shopping list in my head.”

“I don’t want to be confined to a set schedule. What if I don’t feel like meatloaf on Thursday?” (Eye roll)

“Cooking is like art… it shouldn’t be planned.” (Double eye roll)

Okay- I hear you. Those are all really valid points. Okay- some of them are really valid points. The rest are just ridiculous. I’ll let you choose which is which.

But I fail to understand the total resistance to a tiny bit of time and brain power spent planning to make the WHOLE week go smoother!

I suspect that all the nay-sayers have never actually tried planning out their meals for the week and making an accompanying shopping list.

What are your thoughts?


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