How to Check Out More Quickly

How to Check Out More Quickly

Check out my insider tips to learn 7 ways to speed up your checkout at the grocery store.

I worked as a cashier for a few years and I learned a lot about how the customer can speed up the process.

Your cashier will thank you (silently, of course) for being such a super customer.

And you will get through the cash faster so you can get back home and get cooking!

1. Organize your items by category as you put them on the belt to make bagging faster- meat, refrigerated items, dry goods, etc.

2. Tell the cashier about any oversized products you have before hauling them on to the belt. Likely the item can be scanned without you having to break your back getting it on the belt.

3. Leave shoppings bags in your trunk to use at the grocery store and immediately return them after use so you never have to hunt around for boxes, etc. to bring home your groceries in.

4. Have any coupons ready at the checkout for the cashier to put through. Tell the cashier about them and point out which product(s) apply.

5. Keep your produce separated in produce bags– don’t mix different vegetables (even if they’re the same price!) For example, red peppers and green peppers should be in separate bags. Each kind of produce has its own produce code and the cashier will have to take time to separate them if you’ve bundled them together.

6. Watch the scanner as items go through so you can catch any wrong prices before the order is complete and you’ve paid.

7. Glance over your receipt before you leave the store to make sure you weren’t overcharged. If there’s an error, it’s much faster to fix it right then before you leave.

How do you save time at the checkout?


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