12 Hostess Gifts for the Pantry

5Growing up into an adult (of sorts) means that it’s no longer acceptable to show up empty-handed at a dinner party.

Etiquette and good manners dictate that we show up with a little je-ne-sais-quoi for the gracious host.

And I’m totally on board with that. Until about 30 minutes before the soireé, when I realize I’ve forgotten to pick anything up (yet again.)

“Wine,” I think frantically. “I’ll bring wine! Everyone loves wine!” But usually, the wine store is closing in exactly 26 minutes and it is across town.

Then there is the moment of choice between drying my hair or showing up empty-handed. I either arrive looking put together but without good manners OR I arrive breathlessly panting, half-dressed, with wet hair and eye liner on only one eye, as I shove a hastily-chosen bottle of wine into the host’s hand.

There must be a better way.

I now keep a basket of small, quality gifts at the ready. I limit my selection to fit inside a single basket as I have a tiny tendency to get a bit overeager with these things.

I prefer to give something practical that is related to the pantry. When I notice a good sale on an appropriate item, I’ll pick up one or two. I also really like the dollar store for their pretty, graphic napkins. At that price I can afford to give a few!

Check out all my hostess gift ideas below.

Disclosure: I’ve included some affiliate links below, which means if you choose to buy an item through the link I receive a small profit. Most of these items can also be found locally. (Dollar store, anyone!?)

  1. Quirky or pretty paper napkins.
  2. Box of specialty tea
  3. Large chocolate bar
    Choc Bar
  4. Flavoured oils
    Flavored Oil
  5. Salad tongs
    Salad Tongs
  6. Canvas shopping bags (Gilmore Girls, anyone?)
    Grocery Bag
  7. Cheese spreaders (I am in love with these tennis racket ones)
    Cheese Spreaders
  8. Hand soap for the kitchen.
    Hand Soap
  9. Mesh produce bags
  10. Tea towels (Check out this gourmet one and this cat one)
    Tea Towels
  11. Sparkling water
    Sparkling water
  12. Decorative cutting board
    Cutting board

What is your go-to hostess gift? And… what is the weirdest hostess gift you’ve ever received?


2 thoughts on “12 Hostess Gifts for the Pantry

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks K! Yes, these are exactly the types of items we forego getting for ourselves. Sort of like practical luxuries.

      I brought a set of tea towels as a hostess gift on the weekend and the hostess was so grateful- she kept intending to get herself some new ones but had resorted to using her daughter’s old receiving blankets.

      I felt reassured that my choice of gift was spot-on!


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