How to Organize your Fridge

2Learn the 5 big reasons why having a clean fridge is so important and then check out how super easy it is to do with step-by-step guide.

And….I’ve created a list of 8 helpful tips to figure out where everything should go in your fridge….

….from butter to last night’s leftovers.

Check it all out below.

You know that great feeling after you’ve just cleaned out your purse? You throw out every last little receipt and kleenex and gum wrapper? It doesn’t matter what other chaos is happening around you because your portable life is totally organized- you know exactly where your wallet, your keys and your favourite lipstick is.

It’s the same with your fridge. If your kitchen environment is a bit more chaotic than you’d like it to be, a clean and tidy fridge can bring some major peace-of-mind. It is the clean-purse equivalent. 

Why A Clean and Tidy Fridge Matters: 

1.Prevents re-buying ingredients you forgot you had
2. It helps you keep track of leftovers
3. Stop playing hide-and-seek with ingredients hidden at the back
4. Encourages everyone to put things back in their designated spot
5. Inspires creativity- you can see what you have to work with!

SCHEDULE IT: The best day to clean out the refrigerator is just before grocery shopping — you’ll have less food to sort through. If your fridge needs a major overhaul, aim to tackle it just before trash day — you won’t smell up your kitchen with the odor of rotting food if you need to toss a few things.

PURGE: Start organizing your refrigerator by removing all of the food. Throw out anything that is no longer edible or is past its expiration date. Also toss anything that does not fit with your eating goals (such as fake sugary syrups or marshmallow fluff). Place the food you’re keeping in a cooler with ice packs to keep it cold while you work.

CLEAN: Next, let’s get that fridge clean and sanitized! Remove the shelves and scrub them with warm soapy water. A toothbrush is ideal for cleaning out small nooks and crannies. Rinse the refrigerator parts well and dry them thoroughly. Don’t forget the inside walls of the refrigerator!

Wipe down the outside of the refrigerator too, especially the door handles.

Wipe down bottles and jars so there is no gunk or stickiness left (make sure to wipe the bottoms thoroughly too- no one likes sticky rings on their fridge shelf!)

CHECK THE TEMPERATURE: If your fridge doesn’t have a temperature display, pick up an inexpensive fridge thermometer to make sure your food is stored at safes temperatures. Your refrigerator should be between 36 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 2-4 C).


1. Place more temperature-stable items (ie. dressings & condiments) in door compartments. The temperature in this zone fluctuates so temperature-sensitive items like eggs and milk should not be stored here.

2. Adjust shelf heights as necessary.

3. Keep leftovers on one shelf. Keep a roll of painter’s tape and a marker handy to label leftovers with what’s in it and when it was cooked, so family members know what should be eaten first.

4. If you keep raw meat in the refrigerator, make sure the drippings do not fall on fresh produce or already cooked foods. If you do not have a “meat drawer,” store or defrost meat on a plastic tray that you can remove and disinfect.

5. If you use butter, place it in the butter compartment, as the door of this compartment protects it from picking up aromas from other foods in the fridge. (Not the kind of flavoured butter you’re going for- ewww.)

6. Rotate your produce: Use the left crisper drawer for produce approaching expiration and keep all your new produce in the right crisper drawer.

7. If you’re unsure if a certain fruit or vegetable requires refrigeration, check out how it is stored in the supermarket produce department.

8. Be consistent! Assign each shelf a job and give it a label.

When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge? What was the scariest thing you found hidden away? (Leftovers from last month? Yogurt from last year?) Don’t be shy- share away in the comment section!


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