A Fresh Start

“And suddenly you just know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” -Meister Eckhart.

This blog is a beginning. I’m trusting the loveliness of a fresh start.

Hopefully this blog will serve up its own mix of inspiration, freshness, and simplicity. Oh yeah- and food. Lots of food. Specifically, lots of good-for-your-soul, satisfying and clean eating kind of food. Right now, that will mean paleo recipes. Perhaps the recipe repertoire will change over time, much the way the delightful (and delicios!) blog, Elana’s Pantry, evolved with time.

I am passionate about food. I’m also passionate about organization. And simple living. And how they all can work together so beautifully! Part of the joy of cooking for me is derived from the thought and intention behind the meal.

Of course, I can wax poetic about the delight of mindful eating and organized spice cupboards, but I also live in the real world where sometimes meals are devoured en route to work in rush hour traffic or over the sink at 9:30 p.m. with a bottle of wine in the other hand. These things happen.

Hopefully my little blog will help us get our ingredients together and enjoy a few more slow-paced, delightful meals.

So please join me for some great kitchen adventures. Make sure to follow me via e-mail or RSS feed so you don’t miss a bite. Bon appétit!


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